Contact Activation[1]             8. August 2004

Determination of Hageman-Factor (FXIIa) and kallikrein activity after plasma contact with foreign surfaces.

HEPES/ NaCl Buffer

50mM     HEPES

120mM    NaCl

pH 7.4

Reagent solution for F XIIa + Kallikrein

125g/mLZ-Lys-Phe-Arg-pNA x 2HCl (Z-KFR-pNA)   Merck 233500

in HEPES/NaCl buffer

Reagent solution for F XIIa


200 KIU/mL (final) Aprotinin                    Sigma 10818

Sample material

Plasma (citrate plasma is good)


Mix plasma with kaolin (any amount is excess)   Sigma K7375

Incubate 10min+

Use as 100% standard, make dilution row with untreated plasma


200l    Reagent solution

10l     Plasma or standard

read kinetic over 10min at l = 405nm


The substrate is not in a saturation concentration.


[1]J.M. Grunkemeier, et al., Hemocompatibility of treated polystyrene substrates: Contact activation, platelet adhesion, and procoagulant activity of adherent platelets. J Biomed Mater Res, 1998. 41: 657-70.