Silverstain by Heukeshoven[1]                 1.4.1998

(after Coomassie-stain and destaining)


Developer    RT        o.A.

50 ml    Na2CO3 (30% wAnhydrate/v in Water)

270 µl   Formaldehyde 37%

to 500 ml with Aqua a.i.

Staining process

2x10min  Wash with 9.5% ethanol

2x10min  Wash with Aqua demin.

30min    Incubation with sodium-thiosulfate (0.1%)    Sigma

2x10min  Wash with Aqua demin

1x10min  Wash with Aqua a.i.

30min    Incubation in Silver-Nitrate (0.1%)          Merck 1512

rinse with Aqua a.i.

ca.10mindevelop (Developer, exchange once)

10min    Stop with 1% Acetic Acid

2x5min   Wash with Aqua demin.


[1] J. Heukeshoven and R. Dernick, Simplified method for silverstaining of proteins in polyacrylamide gels and the mechanism of silver staining. Electrophoresis, 1985. 6: 103-12.