Presentations – FZ-Rossendorf and China

My Powerpoint presentations at conferences or seminars usually are too huge to for a complete download. But some schematics are difficult to find and after a long search I created them by myself. If someone wants to use them, they are free for download and use.

Lecture “Methods of Biomaterials Testing” at the School of Materials Science & Engineering
Southwest Jiaotong University  Chengdu, China

M.F. Maitz, T. Fitz, M.T. Pham, E. Richter, Blood compatibility of metal oxide surfaces prepared by metal plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition.
7th Wold Biomaterials Congress, Sydney, 17-21 May  2004

The blood clotting cascade was a nightmare for me to learn. For seminars about blood compatibility I frequently need a nice, smooth presentation of blood coagulation. The fibrinolytic system also is included in this scheme. In preparing this I also understood where is the influence of heparin or the clinical tests thrombin time, PT-Test, Partial Thromboplastin Time and of course which factors are important for hemocompatibility.

Besides the blood clotting cascade, we have two more enzymatic systems in the plasma, the complement and the kinin system. Both have a certain impact in biomaterials research. Here is a complete seminar, which I gave on this in 2002.